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If there will be difference between the country of the travel document and the country on the e-visa, the e-visa will be considered invalid.

Your e-visa will be rejected if there is a difference between citizenship which shown on your travel document

Persons with refugee status are recommended to apply to the diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan for visa issuance.

Refugee status passport holders are strongly advised to apply to the diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan for visa issuance.

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Please attach main page coloured-copy of your travel document. The file has to be in JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF format and the size must not exceed 5 MB.

Your passport has to be valid for, at least, 6 (six) months after arrival date in Azerbaijan.

Attention! Dear applicant, please make sure that all the barcode symbols at the bottom of your travel document seem clearly on the copy you attach.

eVisa requirements

  1. I confirm that my passport has at least 6 (six) months validity after my departure date from Azerbaijan.
  2. I am applying for single entry visa.
  3. I am informed that standard e-Visa is issued within 3 working days. For an urgent e-Visa at least 3-5 business hours is required. E-Visa holders are allowed to stay in the country for 30 days.
  4. I am aware that, persons with dual or multiple citizenship must select the country stated on the passport on which they plan to travel. The electronic visa is considered invalid if the passport or other travel document used in application is different than the passport or travel document used for travel.
  5. I am aware that, temporary staying period of foreigners, as well as stateless persons cannot be more than the staying period specified in the e-Visa. If the duration of temporary staying period of foreigners and stateless persons in the country is not extended, or if they are not granted temporary residence permit, or their application for issuance of temporary residence permit or extension of temporary residence period is not accepted, they must leave the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  6. Foreigners or stateless persons staying for a temporary period in the Republic of Azerbaijan for more than 15 days (also when they change their place of stay) must apply to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan in order to get registered, without payment of any state fee.
  7. I am aware that, pursuant to the law, foreigners and stateless persons who stay in the country longer than the period specified on the e-visa, as well as who do not get registered upon place of stay (if the staying period is more than 15 days) or do not follow the rules of registration upon place of stay (registering within 5 working days from the arrival date at the new place of stay) when moving from one place to another are hold liable.
  8. I am informed that, it is possible for foreigners and stateless persons to apply for a new e-Visa without leaving the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. However, you have to leave the territory of Azerbaijan and re-enter, in order to use your second electronic visa.

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All received refund requests will be processed within 72 hours from the initial request.