Frequently Asked Questions

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95 countries all over the world can apply for Azerbaijan eVisa. You can check them by clicking this link:….

After checking the eligibility of your country to get eVisa you just need to provide us with a scan of your passport.

The government fee for a normal visa is 25 USD and for urgent visa 51 USD. Service fee for Azerbaijan eVisa is up to your citizenship. It will automatically be shown on your screen when you will apply for it.

Standard Azerbaijan eVisa will be ready after 1-3 business days, Urgent Azerbaijan eVisa takes 1-5 business hours.

azevisa.com has fully secure payment. By your credit or debit card, you can pay.

It is an internet service so it is eligible everywhere with the internet connection.

Since you have already applied to eVisa you do not need to go anywhere. Just wait for the approval mail.

Your visa will be valid for 90 days.

You can stay 30 days in Azerbaijan.

1) Saturdays and Sundays
2) January 1, 2, 3, 4, 20
3) March 8, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
4) May 9, 28
5) June 15, 26
6) July 6, 7
7) November 9
8) December 31

Each one of the applicants should have a separate passport to apply.

Your eVisa is invalid. You must get another eVisa for an unused date. The candidate expects duty for any botches made in his or her visa application. On the other hand, we’ll attempt to check the botches for you sometime recently applying your archives to the framework of the Service of Outside Issues. Since no specialists guarantee the issuance of eVisa it isn’t prescribed to buy your flight ticket or convenience previously. In case of an invalid visa, your instalment will be discounted. All things considered, we take no duty or obligation for other costs related to your trip.

We are doing some international operation to get a visa for you. Service fee is for that.

Just by making your own inquiries you can resubmit your application. There are always more chances to get a visa but unfortunately, sometimes it happens.

For applying Azerbaijan visa you need to have at least three months to go on the validity of your passport, otherwise, we will advise getting a new one before applying.

In normal case, it takes a maximum of three days to get a visa. You should be patient during this period of application. We will email you that here is your visa. In other cases just do not hesitate to contact us and give a question.